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Impruneta Car Rental

The hilltop town of Impruneta is located between the Val di Greve and the Val d'Ema. Car rental at Impruneta is certainly a great way to wander around this town and its scenic neighborhoods. Book cost-effective Impruneta car hire service from us to visit the renowned church of Impruneta housing wonderful image of the Madonna, and several other sites. We are a reputed broker company that has friendly tie-ups with the numerous Impruneta car rental suppliers. With us you can easily select a suitable vehicle from huge range of cars including mini, small, vans, sedans, luxury and hatchbacks.

Impruneta – Highlights

Impruneta is an Italian town located in the Florence province. Earlier it was known as inprunetis referring to its location in the pine-woods. Still you can find some remnants of the pine-woods in its surrounding hills. The town is popular for terracotta production with local clay as key ingredient. This leads to a red-colored finish in all the terracotta products. Visit various sites featuring its terracotta goods by availing cheap car rental at Impruneta.

The most prominent landmark of the town is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria. During Middle Ages, it was the major pilgrimage site. The basilica was damaged by bombing during World War II but still you can please your eyes with many original decorations of that time. It feature artworks of Domenico Passignano and St. Peter by Jacopo da Empoli. There is a museum linked to the basilica where you get to see the Impruneta Cushion dating back to 14th century which is an exclusive example of oldest European patchwork. Rent a car at Impruneta to explore the historical treasures of this town. Car hire at Impruneta means you can also conveniently go beyond the town limits and plan trips to the several notable sites of Florence region.